How to use the new feature ‘Shuffle’ in ControlNet 1.1.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on using ControlNet Shuffle, a feature introduced in ControlNet 1.1.

By the end of this article, you will have clear answers to the following inquiries:

  1. What functionalities does ControlNet Shuffle offer?
  2. How can ControlNet Shuffle be effectively utilized?

What ControlNet Shuffle can do is generate images based on the color scheme of reference images.

ControlNet Shuffle has the ability to generate images that mimic the color scheme of reference images. It may also have some influence on the texture of the generated images. Compared to other ControlNet methods, this functionality is relatively simple, but it is easy to use because it removes the need to specify the color scheme in the prompt and has minimal additional impacts.

For example, when using the “Monalisa” image as a reference, and providing the prompt “1girl, a 20 years old pretty Japanese girl in uniform, blackboard”, the resulting generated images would be:

Similarly, when using the “Pearl Earring Girl” image as a reference with the same prompt, the generated images would be:

Lastly, if Irasutoya’s image is used as a reference with the same prompt, the resulting generated images would be:

How to Use ControlNet Shuffle

Installing ControlNet

ControlNet Shuffle is an extension of the Stable Diffusion Web UI feature called ControlNet. To use ControlNet Shuffle, you must have ControlNet installed. If you haven’t installed it yet, please follow the instructions provided in the following article on installing ControlNet.

What is ControlNet? What Can It Do? A Comprehensive Guide to Installing ControlNet on Stable Diffusion Web UI (

Downloading ControlNet Shuffle Model

To use ControlNet Shuffle, you need to download the ControlNet Shuffle model. Download the following two files from the link provided and place them in the stable-diffusion-webui/models/ControlNet directory:

  • control_v11e_sd15_shuffle.pth
  • control_v11e_sd15_shuffle.yaml

lllyasviel/ControlNet-v1-1 at main (

Steps to Use ControlNet Shuffle in the Web UI

  1. Enter the prompt for the image you want to generate.
  2. Open the ControlNet menu.
  3. Set the image in the ControlNet menu screen.
  4. Check the Enable box.
  5. Select “Shuffle” for the Control Type.
  6. Click the feature extraction button “💥” to perform feature extraction.
  7. The generated image will have the Shuffle effect applied to it.

If you are looking to create images that resemble a specific image, ControlNet offers the following functionalities:

The Tile feature breaks down an image into tiles and generates a new image while preserving its color and composition. For maintaining the composition, it is recommended to use ControlNet Tile, although the composition will change if Shuffle is used instead.

Learn more about ControlNet Tile and find specific examples such as Anime-to-live-action conversion, adjustments, upscaling, etc.: ControlNet 1.1 New Feature

The Reference only feature allows you to generate images based on prompts while retaining the image’s characteristics. It can preserve features other than those specified in the prompts, including color and facial features, making it more versatile than Shuffle.

Explore ControlNet reference only to freely alter images. Find explanations on specific usage here