Stable Diffusion Pose Prompt with 40 Examples.

I’ll introduce a total of 40 pose prompts, each accompanied by generated images.

Standing Pose Prompts


Prompt: standing, (8k, RAW photo, best quality, masterpiece:1.2), (realistic, photo-realistic:1.4), (extremely detailed 8k wallpaper), (white plain bikini: 1.5)

Negative Prompt: EasyNegative, (worst quality, low quality: 2.0), normal quality, ugly face, unclear eyes, bad mouth, bad anatomy, extra legs, beach, bad anatomy

Model: Beautiful Realistic Asians v5

Below, you’ll find the results showcasing images generated by replacing each prompt with its corresponding pose. This will enable a comparison based on the pose prompts.

standing: This is a normal standing pose.

“Standing posture”

standing posture: It’s almost identical to the “standing” pose.


contrapposto: “Contrapposto” refers to a pose often seen in artworks like Michelangelo’s David, where the upper body tilts opposite to the lower body.

“Back view”

“Arched back”

“Arching the back,” similar to “back view,” but with a slightly emphasized arch.

“One leg up, standing”

“Lifting one leg,” though the body appears a bit unstable with excessive sway, it’s clearly a leg-raised pose.

Hand and Arms Position Prompt

“Hand on the head”

Placing hand on head, often with one hand, occasionally with both.

“Arms up”

Arms raised, a common pose seen in Japanese idol Photo. “Armpits” prompt: Crossing arms above waist, focusing on upper body.


Crossing arms behind back, though somewhat challenging to replicate.

“Arms behind back”

Crossing arms behind back, though somewhat challenging to replicate.

“Crossed arms”

Arms folded across chest.

“Hand between legs”

Placing hand between legs.

“Hands on hips”

Though occasionally inaccurate, results in hands on hips pose.

Eye contact prompts

“Looking at viewer”

Directing gaze towards the viewer, a popular pose.

“Looking at camera”

Gazing directly at the camera, similar to “looking at viewer.”

“Facing viewer”

Orienting towards the viewer, akin to “looking at viewer.”

“Looking back”

Glancing backwards.

“Looking down”

Directing gaze downwards, though less successful.


Capturing a selfie-like pose with camera eye contact.

Seating and lying poses


“Sitting on a chair”

Seated on a chair, with the chair included.

“Sitting on a bed”

Seated on a bed.

“Crossed legs”

Legs crossed, although occasionally deviating from intent.

“Spread legs”

Legs spread, though sometimes inaccurately depicted.

“Knee bent, sitting”

Sitting with bent knees, intended as a cross-legged pose.


Squatting down.

“Leaning forward”

Leaning forward, though occasionally with lower accuracy.

“All fours”

Positioned on all fours, a common pose in glamour shots.


“Lying on bed”

Moving Pose



Running, with a convincing sense of motion.


Jumping, though results vary in effectiveness.


Dancing, with some semblance of movement.

“Swimming in the pool”

Swimming in a pool, though not always convincingly.

General pose prompts


Striking a pose, generally looking presentable.

“Woman posing for a photo”

Posing for a photo, similar to “posing.”

“Dynamic pose”

Striking a dynamic pose, with some added movement.

“Sexy pose”

Assuming a sexy pose, conveying allure.

“Model pose”

Emulating a model’s pose, with a model-like atmosphere.

Having trouble pose, consider trying ControlNet Openpose as well.