Stable Diffusion 76 hair styles prompt for real woman.

Hair Length Prompt

Hair length prompts, even when using emphatic expressions like “extra short,” “very short,” “extra long hair,” or “very long hair,” don’t appear to have significant impact. Additionally, enclosing keywords in parentheses for emphasis doesn’t alter hair length. Consequently, when adjusting hair length for BRA (Beautiful Realistic Asians), it essentially comes down to these four options. For very short hair, I’ll later recommend the buzz cut.

short hair
medium hair
shoulder length hair
long hair

Short Hair Styles Prompt

After trying out around 20 different prompts for short hairstyles, I narrowed it down to 7 styles that worked well. The bowl cut isn’t just for its traditional look; it’s also great for achieving blunt bangs. Mixing “long hair” with “bowl cut” lets you get long hair with blunt bangs. While it may not leave you with very long hair overall, using the “bowl cut” prompt gives the most accurate results for getting blunt bangs.

bob cut
bowl cut
pixie cut
buzz cut
curly bob
spiked hair

Tied hair Prompt

This is about prompts for hair tying styles. When attempting to replicate “double bun” hairstyles, using only “double bun” didn’t work well enough, so I got creative and tried using prompts like “short twin tails” instead.

hair bun
double bun and short twin tails
bangs pinned back

Braid Hair Prompt

long braid
fish-bone braid hair
rope braid

Perm Hair Prompt

Perms come in a wide variety, so feel free to experiment with different styles to find what you like best.

perm hair
inwardly curled hair
outward curled hair
smooth curly hair
loose curly hair
curly hair
spiral curl hair
choppy hair

Front of the head Prompt

middle part
slicked back hair
blunt bangs
diagonal bangs
pulled back hair

Hair Texture Prompt

Silky hair is a recommended prompt.

straight hair
thin hair
fine hair
thick hair
silky hair
damaged hair
shiny hair
coarse hair
wet hair
wavy hair
frizzy hair
voluminous hair
airy hair
natural wave hair

Unique Hair Prompt

afro hair
kinky hair

Hair Color Prompt

For hair color prompts, if you’re looking to master controlling multiple colors, check out the following article for guidance.

black hair
brown hair
light brown hair
dark brown hair
gradation color hair
two-tone hair
blonde hair
silver hair
red hair
orange hair
yellow hair
pink hair
purple hair
green hair
blue hair
grey hair
copper hair
white hair
rainbow hair

The model, prompts, and parameters used for validation are as follows:

The images in this article adhere to the following format, so please use it as a reference.

Model: beautifulRealistic_brav5.safetensors [ac68270450]

(Best quality, 8k, 32k, Masterpiece, UHD:1.2), Photo of a pretty Japanese woman with plain t-shirt in front. (髪型のプロンプト) portrait, white background

Negative Prompt: Negative prompt: (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), watermark, blurry, bad-artist, bad-hands-5, bad_prompt, easynegative, ng_deepnegative_v1_75t

Steps: 20, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 7, Size: 512×768

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